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Do you need a passport to travel to Norway?

Travel to Norway

Do you need a passport to travel to Norway?


Norway is really a rocky beautiful land of mountains, creeks and glaciers. The ‘Land of your Night time Sun‘ has pleasantly long summer season days, pleasurably reduced-crucial places, unblemished sport-fishing villages and well-off historic websites that integrate Viking vessels and middle ages stave chapels.

Norway treasures its amazing normal magic and retains a powerful frontier figure atypical in European countries. It’s its not all cool-sound tundra, both. The average southern will take in undulating farmlands, enthralled jungles and direct sun light-drenched beach locations along with the spectacular Western Fjords.


Norway is situated in the European location from the Scandinavian cape. It expands approximately 1,100 mi (1,770 km) from the Northern Water alongside the Norwegian Water to over 300 mi (483 km) across the Arctic Group of friends, the excessive north associated with a European united states.

This is a tiny greater than New Mexico. Virtually 70Percent of Norway will not be match to reside in and covered by mountains, glaciers, moors, and streams. The countless serious creeks that cut in the shoreline give Norway a comprehensive oceanfront in excess of 12,000 mi (19,312 km). Galdhø Crest, at 8,100 feet (2,469 m), is Norway’s utmost optimum along with the Glåma (Glomma) may be the primary stream, at 372 mi (598 km) long.

Do you need a passport to travel to Norway?
Do you need a passport to travel to Norway?

Getting There

International airlines connect Oslo with a lot of European places. Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim also provide intercontinental international airports. Trains operate day-to-day from Oslo to Copenhagen in Denmark and also to Helsingborg and Stockholm in Sweden. You can find as well trains to Stockholm from Trondheim and Narvik. Several roadways and cheaper streets link Norway with Finland and Sweden.

A shuttle support and right journeys connect Kirkenes in northern Norway with Murmansk in Russia. You can find at the same time ferries to/from Denmark, Sweden, the united kingdom, Iceland along with the Faroe Island destinations

When you should Go?

Norway is at its very best and most brilliant from May to September. Later early spring can be a predominantly pleasing time – fresh fruit shrubs will be in blossom, daytime hrs are extended, the weather conditions is gentle and the majority of hostels and places are wide open yet not as crowded.

Summer seasons are obvious through the sensation from the midnight direct sun light, notably to the north of your Artic Group. At Nordkapp, from the remote to the north, direct sunlight keeps out from 13 May to 29 July, but nowhere in the united states – yet the far to the south, experience true darkness between delayed May and stop of July.

Except you’re profoundly into winter skiing or searching for the Aurora Borealis in the polar nighttimes, Norway’s very cold, dim winter months usually are not the major time and energy to go to, and numerous hostels and camp reasons past the key cities close up.

Getting Around

Norway’s main household airlines – SAS, Braathens and Widerøe Norsk Oxygen – fly to practically 50 airports distribute across the land. Distance are massive in Norway, which means air flow vacation ought to be well believed-out yet by spending budget vacationers.

Norway additionally includes a far-reaching shuttle system, with paths connecting every key town together with more isolated territories. The national rail system is good, though rather limited, with key facial lines going from Oslo to Stavanger, Bergen, Åndalsnes and Bodø.

Do you need a passport to travel to Norway?

Most important car-hire firms have offices at airports and metropolis centres but prices are expensive. Given its big ranges, undulating terrain and thinner roadways, Norway will not be preferably suitable for cycling. The one more for cyclists is that targeted traffic is incredibly gentle. A thorough system of ferries and convey boats link Norway’s overseas isles, seaside towns and inlet districts.

In excess of a century, the seaside steamer Hurtigruten is the sustenance hooking up the little sport fishing society distributed alongside the northern shore. A ship should go north from Bergen every single night getting in touch with at 33 seaports on the 6-working day journey to Kirkenes. Nearby transport from the metropolitan areas and municipalities is commonly ingenious and offered largely by local community coaches. Oslo additionally posseses an underground rail system, trams and ferries.

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